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21-Jan 2012
WSA launch their 'Campaign to put more rods on the river'.
Prompted by the comments of one lower river owner who felt last season there were plenty of salmon in his fishings but few anglers fishing, they have been working on an initiative to try increasing the numbers of rods fishing the river. As a result a number of Owners have generously donated free salmon fishing to the scheme offering anglers the opportunity to reacquaint themselves. The fishing is available on a first come first served basis. If you wish to take up these very generous offers and help fill the river with salmon anglers once again>>>>>>read more

23-Nov 2011
A flyer published by WSA they would like circulated to as many canoeists as possible in the the hope that it will help raise their awareness of salmon spawning in the gravel bed of the river mainly during the months of November, December and January and the risk of disturbing the fish which may cause the hen to abandon the redd before it is covered with the subsequent loss of valuable eggs. Walking in the gravels and pushing paddles in gravels may also disturb the nests with fatal consequences, an issue that we wish to bring to the notice of the canoeing fraternity in particular. Whilst this is in the main an upper river issue we would like to get the message to all Wye canoeists. You can help by printing copies and circulating, if you can get to the river, to as many canoeists as possible. Please in doing so be careful not to cause a litter hazard>>>>>>>>>see flyer

12-Nov 2011
Environment Agency Stocking data [2009 to 2011] and Electro Fishing Data [2010] received today>>>>>more

29th Oct 2011
WSA published its 3rd newsletter today. Some interesting developments. If you would like a copy you can get one by emailing SUBSCRIBE to wsanewsletter@gmail.com

21st Oct 2011
Proposed new byelaws have been advertised for a period of 6 weeks as they [EA[Wales]] are obliged to do by law. That gave everyone the opportunity to consider the proposal and decide whether they support or object to them. There were about 57 replies to the consultation [50 objecting and 7 supporting]. EA [Wales] now have a duty to reply to those letters before passing the bill and its consultation details to the Welsh Assembly Government for a decision on ratification.

18-Oct 2011
Reported that EA are one or two cocks short of completing catch up for Cynrig hatchery.

10-Oct 2011
FOUND.....Wading staff below Builth Wells on weekend [see pic]. Anyone wishing to claim please contact Steve Roberts at steve.roberts@stfc.ac.uk

04-Oct 2011
It is now over a year since the invasive non-native shrimp, Dikerogammarus villosus was first reported in the UK. To keep you informed we have attached the  latest briefing note and fact sheet, which is being distributed to local action groups and organisations representing the interests of recreational water users.

03-Oct 2011
The following statement sets out the Angling Trust's position on navigation of inland waterways. The Angling Trust is the national body that represents all anglers and notes that it is settled law that there is no general public right of navigation on any inland wateeways. The Angling Trust confirms its support for the Government's and the Environment Agency's position, that the way forward, for increased access for other waters users, is by the creation of voluntary access arrangements>>>>More

15-Sept 2011
Mike Scott caught a 42lb salmon from River Usk at Llanover today.These were taken by Tim Hewett, Ghillie at Llanover. The fish was hooked at 17.50 on Wednesday 14th September and measured 49-50 inches long. Mike commented 'an experience I will never forget'

10- Sept 2011
Last week the Environment Agency released a list of the ten most improved rivers in England and Wales. Conservationists have criticised the report saying it presents a rosy view of river health and ignores the many waterways struggling with pollution, over abstraction and other threats. River wildlife experts at the RSPB, WWF, the Angling Trust and the Salmon and Trout Association - all partners in the Our Rivers Campaign - have responded with a list of ten rivers where not enough is being done to tackle these environmental pressures >>>>>>>>>>More

09-Sept 2011
E-mail received from Chris Rees EA[W] today regarding
Catch & Release asking all anglers in Wales to show restraint in the numbers of salmon and sea trout they kill. The vast majority of anglers are conservation minded (last year nearly 60% of salmon and 70% of sea trout caught were released - a fantastic effort), however, release rates remain low on a small number of rivers and we continue to have concerns about stocks on a number of Welsh rivers>>>>>>>>>>>>More

08-Sept 2011
The Wye & Usk Foundation's annual meeting for 2011 will be at 7pm on Friday 21st October at the Three Counties Hotel, Hereford. Admission is free and open to all but spaces are limited so reserve your place on 01982 560 788/357 or by email: admin@wyeuskfoundation.org

About RWGA
Welcome to the River Wye Gillies Association web site. Please feel free to browse the site for information on us and issues affecting the river, it's fishing and it's gillies and anglers.
RWGA's vision is to see the Wye returned to its position as the premier salmon river in England & Wales. To see a sustainable river environment where all indigenous flora and fauna can thrive and grow. A river providing employment opportunities for gillies and an environment anglers and other users can share in a fair and equitable manner. Support of a river authority gathering data and intelligence, providing information and resourced sufficiently to safeguard and develop the river environment. RWGA was  established in 1984 to  represent the  interests of  Gillies  on  the  Wye  and  it's  tributaries  with  regard  to protection,  preservation and enhancement of  indigenous fish species, both game and coarse and the fight against pollution, predation, poaching and illegal navigation. In conjunction with the  Salmon  & Trout  Association  (STA), of  whom  we  are  members, we also object on a regular basis to abstraction and foul  water discharge applications  as  and  when  they occur.  For  the  last   decade  RWGA's  membership  has  been  open to  all  anglers  who wish to be  represented  by us and  assist  in  our common aims  and  goals. RWGA  regularly  meets  and makes  representations  on  behalf  of our  members to  bodies such  as the  Environment  Agency  (EA), The Wye  and  Usk Foundation  (WUF),  Countryside  Council  for Wales (CCW) and Natural England (NE) and had representation on various  local  fisheries  groups and  the  Wye  Salmon Action Plan (SAP). We are currently and have been  for  some time, engaging WUF and  EA regarding  the poor  state of  salmon  stocks  on the Wye  in a  bid  to see  the current  habitat  improvement activities  enhanced and current legislation relaxed to secure recovery of these stocks. We are also cooperating with a number of other concerned parties in engaging a number of these bodies, notably EAW, CCW & NE in discussions regarding the tackling of avian predation, a significant factor in the survival of salmon & trout fry in areas of both the Wye and its near neighbour the USK. We have, on behalf of our members also made recent submissions to the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) Sustainability Committee hearings regarding canoe access to the Wye and other Welsh rivers. We have in the past assisted WUF wherever possible and taken part in hatchery catch up, although this has been suspended for sometime due to disagreements over policy decisions. However given a change in policy we would be delighted to assist again in river enhancement activities! We also provide a website (www.rwga.co.uk ) for our members and others, providing information on the river such as its fishing history. There are articles, archive and comment of interest regarding major current issues, angling byelaws, weather forecasts for the area (provided via BBC Weather link), links to river height web cams (a number of which are provided by WUF), a photo gallery along with regular, daily at times, report on river conditions and catches plus monthly summaries and the only daily updated catch chart beat by beat, month by month through the season and a contact page allowing members and the general public to seek advice, gillieing and guiding support and report catches. We hold an open members meeting on a bimonthly basis in Hereford. Strength of any organisation is in numbers so if you would like to join us and become a member of RWGA send your application and fee (see membership application form) to our treasurer Derrick Maund, Orchard Place, Dorstone, Hereford HR3 6BE Tel 01981550054

Regular association members meetings during the year will be held bimonthly at 8.00pm on last Thursday in month at the Three Counties Hotel, Hereford. Future
meeting dates will be;
  Thurs 3th Jan 2014 [AGM]
  Thurs 27th Mar 2014
   Thurs 29th May 2014
  Thurs 31st July 2014
Thurs 25th Sept 2014
Thurs 27th Nov 2014

All members are welcome
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